At Superior Financial Services each of our clients are unique so we utilize a proprietary account recovery system that is designed to suit your individual needs. By incorporating this system, we will improve cash flow, lower operating costs and decrease bad debt expense.

Our team of professionals will represent your interest in billing, recovery past due accounts, and judgments in a diplomatic and respectful approach. In maintaining a level of excellent in customer service and quality performance.

Accounts Receivable Billing 

what you get

Direct Collections 

Services provided when selecting Superior Financial Services for your Agency:

  • A highly customized collection program
  • Frequent status updates on all your files
  • Extraordinary customer service
  • Prompt attention to all your files
  • More than 30 years of combined receivable experience

Are you struggling to maintain control over your accounts receivables? Superior Financial Services is committed to helping maintain financial control by providing professional, cost-effective billing services that will improve cash flow by reducing operational expenses and expediting receivable revenue.  Statements are mailed out in a professional and secure manor to your customers or patients to remind them a balance is due. All payments are directed to you, and can be customized to meet your needs.

invoice Billing In Wichita

Pre Collect/ PCS program 

This is a contingency fee based collection program. We employ the use of letters and phone calls, and utilize legal resources should the account deem use of these services. 

Pre Collect service is a final intervention before placing the account for collection.  This is a letter service that provides one or two letters depending on your needs.  We recommend using this service with accounts 60 days past due. 

​​Billing and Collection Services